Carrie Rice
Carrie Rice


About Me

I fell in love with photography the instant I understood the power it has to show the truth - literally, or through symbolism, gesture, and spontaneity. Much of my work deals with our relationship to nature. I often combine imagery from the natural world with human elements, or imagery from our fabricated world. I also seem to gravitate towards work with a dark sense of humor or whimsy. Surrealism has influenced my art from day one, and using recognizable imagery in unconventional ways to create new relationships is one of my main goals as an artist. I want the viewer’s experience to be familiar yet completely new, and not always comfortable.

See For Yourself

My work can be seen in person at the following locations:

Studio 327 at
Lowe Mill Arts & Entertainment
2211 Seminole Dr.
Huntsville, AL 35805
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